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Keep Selling and Providing Value – How Do I Serve My Community?

Creating a strategy

COVID-19 is making its mark on all types of industries, from global supply chains to government institutions. You can expect a sudden turn of events as a new wave of volatility sweeps the stock market. Numerous international events have gotten postponed and cancelled, and cross-border travel restrictions are making a dent in the plans of people from all spheres.

However, not all is lost for certain industries – marketing and sales is one of them. Salespersons are one of those professionals that can still power your business in these dark times.

1.     Expand Your “Stock”

As the world has been caught in a frenzy of stocking up on supplies, you can also increase your stock of sales leads. Instead of waiting for the pandemic to end, now is a good time to dedicate your time to lead generation and research extensively to obtain valuable customer insights.

Even if you are confident COVID-19 is not affecting your business, the future holds no guarantee. The overall damage done by the outbreak can make its way to your business. Therefore, you can make the most out of this time by growing a deeper pool of prospective clients.

2.     Rebuild Your Solutions

At this time, your prospects might have several concerns and pain points related to COVID-19. Try to find an angle on how your products and services can address their COVID-19 concerns.

For instance, a large number of organisations have enforced the work-from-home policy. If you provide cloud services, then you can place your remote access services in the limelight, helping companies operate smoothly. It is one of the best ways to serve your community – by keeping businesses and jobs alive in desperate times.

3.     Innovate with Sales Presentations

Since COVID-19 has reduced travel, which, in turn, has cut back in-person meetings, web-based presentations have captured all the attention. Begin rewrapping your sales pitch and convert it into a full-blown virtual presentation.

Doing this requires a radical shift in your sales process. Earlier, you may have to start from a discovery-type phone call and move on to a site-meeting. However, as social distancing renders these strategies as useless and obsolete, it also unlocks a rare chance to get creative and adopt inventive solutions. For instance, you can use mobile conferencing apps such as FaceTime to let your clients visit your virtual factory floor.

4.     Don’t Panic – It Is Not Going to Help

Panic is a slow poison. Resume selling and prospecting. Many people seem mentally exhausted due to COVID-19. They have stocked on canned goods and toilet paper. However, still, the worst fears are mostly based on rumours and gossip. Avoid a panic and don’t stop selling your products and services.