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PPC Service

Complete PPC Services

PPC services allow you to reach out to your audience via paid digital channels. The SEO Platform provides complete PPC services that can help you increase web traffic and sales.

Free PPC Audit

To run effective PPC campaigns, you need to carry out regular PPC audits. Our team will dig into your PPC account and identify areas that need improvement.

E-commerce PPC

PPC for e-commerce businesses is complex. Regardless of how small or big your e-commerce website is you need to invest in PPC campaigns to gain online visibility and drive traffic to your website.

PPC Pricing

PPC pricing is constantly changing. Whether you’re investing in PPC campaigns for the first time or are a seasoned vet, our team will explain the process to you and make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

PPC Consulting

If you’re run PPC campaigns and found that they were ineffective, let our team analyse them for you with our PPC consulting services. We’ll identify exactly what went wrong so you can make the necessary changes.

Google Ads

Every second 2.3 million searches are entered into Google. Every search generates 3-4 ads that are listed on the top of the page, above organic results. If these ads are effective, the user will click them without going down to look at organic results. We specialise in creating power PPC ad campaigns that drive traffic and boost sales.

Search Advertising

Search advertising refers to placing online ads on web pages that display results from search engine queries.

Ad Rank

Just like page ranks, your PPC ad campaigns are also ranked. Google regularly updates its ad rank algorithm. We can help you create effective campaigns that rank high and put you ahead of your competition.

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