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Email Marketing

Developing a Lead Magnet

Rarely do users sign-up to be on email lists themselves; it’s a lot more effective for advertisers to ask for email addresses in exchange for compelling content in the form of e-books, a cheat sheet, case studies, white papers, free trials, samples, quizzes, etc. A lead magnet is needed to make an email list.

Picking an Email Marketing Service

There are various email marketing services you can choose from; each comes with its own set of features. As digital marketing experts we have access to some of the most powerful email marketing services that allow you to send out compelling emails that generate results.

Email List Segmentation

Your email list will contain all kinds of contacts; it doesn’t make sense to send the same emails to everyone. If your emails are marked as spam, they’re ineffective. Segmentation of your email list is crucial. Our marketing experts will divide your email list into groups that make for profitable returns.

Remove Inactive Subscribers

Inactive subscribers are those that haven’t responded to your emails for over 6 months. Removing inactive subscribers is essential to keep your email list fresh. Before these subscribers are removed, it helps to target them with an email campaign in an attempt to re-engage them.

Timing is Everything

We’ll conduct A/B tests to determine when it’s best to send out your emails. We put ourselves into your customer’s shoes and think about when they are most likely to open your email. Based on this information, we decide when it’s best to run certain campaigns.

Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines

Without a great subject line, users are unlikely to open your email; subject lines are of utmost importance in email marketing campaigns. Subject lines should entice curiosity but should also indicate when the email is about.

Know Your Buyer Persona

You can’t write compelling content in an email without knowing your target audience. The style, tone, and content of the email should appeal to your buyer. Before we send out any emails, we’ll spend time creating a buyer persona to ensure that our campaign appeals to them.

Content is Everything

When a customer clicks on an email you’ve sent out, it’s your responsibility to make sure that it offers something worth their time. If the type of content you send resonates with your emailing list, it will have a good open rate and increase chances of conversions.

Navigating the Future

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