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Remarketing is the key to getting returns on display advertising. Remarketing involves using cookies to follow around users of your site as they browse the internet and displaying ads of products they have shown an interest in previously in an attempt to try and get them to make a purchase.

Utilised Managed Placements

With utilised managed placements you have complete control over where your ads are being placed. You’ll pick websites to display your ads based on various parameters such as interest, location, etc. The more efficient the targeting methods are, the more conversions you’ll see.


Display advertising allows you to reach out to a wider audience; you need to budget and organise your campaigns properly to ensure your money isn’t wasted. Display advertising requires some testing but once you get it right, it will boost your ROI.

Ad Formats

Even though image ads bring in more results, it’s important to create ads in every format because not all placements support different formats. It’s best to create image ads and text ads for each ad group.

Ad Testing

Some of your budget will solely be used on testing display ads. We’ll be creating distinct ad groups based on managed placements, topics and interests. Certain parameters you set will generate results while others are just budget-eaters. Testing is needed to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Simple But Efficient

It is important to include text ads in your campaigns, but creating image ads is a must! Visual ads resonate more with users and are easier to process, which is why they have a better CTR than text ads. Our simple and visually-appealing ads are bound to get results.

Measure Brand Awareness

The major goal of creating awareness display ad campaigns is to reach out to as many online users as possible while remaining within your budget. Metrics such as reach, impressions, and engagement will tell you exactly how successful an ad campaign is.

Navigating the Future

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