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Boost Your Content Marketing – What You Need to Do to Engage

Conventional marketing strategies are dying. Today, the world is all about content marketing. Before understanding content marketing, it is necessary to familiarise yourself with the word “content”. Content is any information that can be expressed in the form of writing, videos on various platforms. Though the term can also be used for the pen-and-paper world, nowadays it is heavily associated with the digital space.

Content marketing is all about creating valuable pieces of information that can pique the interest of potential customers. It avoids the use of hard sell; instead, it focuses on the organic growth of the business by using a distinct voice. Therefore, it facilitates businesses to turn their prospective customers into paying ones.

Content Types

Content can be dished out via various mediums. Digital marketing experts use them correctly to enhance the curiosity of a user. Some of these can be:

  • Listicle: Listicle is a piece of content that explains anything with the help of a list. Customers often research about a product to see a listicle. For instance, suppose you own a business that sells gaming PCs. Now you can create a listicle that discusses the top 5 graphics cards for gamers. Subsequently, when gamers search “Top 5 graphics cards”, they can reach out to your article where the knowledge and depth of your content may facilitate their conversion.
  • Explanatory Content: Suppose you own a company that assists brick-and-mortar businesses for cloud migration. Due to the sudden popularity of the technology, traditional businesses owners are not acquainted with the technology’s fundamentals; hence, they are hesitant to adopt the technology. An explanatory piece of content about the basics of cloud computing – whether it is in the form of an e-book mailed via email marketing or posted via social media posts – can help potential clients to get some perspective on its basics. It may also encourage them to conduct a business transaction with your business.

Likewise, other content can include your opinions about a certain trend in the industry, publishing a survey, demonstrating your credibility, or displaying an interview with your company’s experts.

Incorporating Infographics

Infographics improve the outlook of a business. Infographics contain facts and figures with a message and convey a huge amount of information from a little space. Many users do not have the time to go over a 500-word or 1000-word blog. For such a segment of your target audience, the addition of infographics can assist in getting a point across quickly and, thus, captivate a critical segment of your audience. However, infographics require quality design and fonts. The importance of infographics in today’s marketing can be realised by the fact that infographics designer has become a contemporary job position.

Presence on SlideShare

Have you ever visited SlideShare?

Often students from varying disciplines search about a term and visit a SlideShare presentation. In the space of 12 years, the platform has gained 70 million users. Many businesses integrate it with their content marketing strategy to post their content on SlideShare so it can come across search engine results and can be read by users. Thus, make sure you upload your content on SlideShare to add yourself in an additional channel. While the platform is mainly known for presentations, it also allows PDFs, infographics, and videos.