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Why You Need An App For Your Business?

Do you have a mobile app for your business? It is 2018; certainly you did not miss out on the reachability of a mobile app?

When internet originally gained widespread adoption, people spent hours and hours on desktops and laptops. Whether people required educational knowledge or just wanted to surf around the internet for entertainment-related news, websites were the new “cool”. Hence, it was natural for businesses to connect to their audiences through websites. So what exactly changed?

The Paradigm Shift

After the mid 2000s, mobile phones were transformed into smartphones. Whilst industry experts like Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer, were skeptic of Apple’s success. By the end of 2000s, Nokia had lost the competition and Apple and Android changed the way people used mobile phones – from SMS and calls to using it as a primary source of internet use. With a sudden launch and growth of both mobile operating platforms, mobile applications (known informally as apps) were developed heavily as software developers used Java and Objective-C to launch a huge set of mobile apps.

Soon, smartphones replaced desktops and laptops because of their portability. Wherever people used to go, smartphone was a must-have companion. It is expected that by 2019, approximately 2.5 billion people will use smartphones. Hence, like traditional websites, a business can highly profit from a mobile app. It is not an expense; it is a worthy investment. You have to realise that the smartphones have become the central link between users and the digital universe. If you are able to make a difference here; then your revenue can receive a massive boost.

Deals and Incentives

Several brands interact with their customers 24/7 by sending push notifications to their users. You can do the same too. If you own a restaurant, then you can simply send notifications for your daily or weekly deals via your app. Likewise, if you own an e-commerce store then you can offer discounts or flash sales via your app. Try to think of the app as a means to increase your total sales or an additional method for the customers to use your services.


Suppose you are a manager that leads a team of 10 professionals. For some reason, you cannot reach the office, how are you going to access your employee management system without logging into your desktop PC?

Well, the answer lies in a mobile app. Today, many businesses have used mobile apps to a great affect for supervising and managing their employees. A mobile app can carry all the functionalities and features that traditional desktop management systems contain. Now, you may assume that laptops are used for the same purpose but let’s be honest: laptops are not always with you, unlike smartphones.


Often major businesses go on to develop their apps; however smaller rivals beat them on the mobile front. Why is that? Mobile users are demanding; they require high-quality user interface and user experience from an app for a continuous basis.

By creating an app with beautiful visuals and unparalleled user interface, you can add quite a strong impetus to your brand recognition and grab the attention of the huge mobile community with a single stroke.