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Understanding the Relevancy of Keywords for Your Market

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When a user enters a query on Google, the search engine springs into action. Search engine bots are not too “smart.” They obey a set of pre-defined rules and algorithms to show websites for that query. Ultimately, the responsibility falls on the shoulders of website administrators to make sure their sites are indexed and displayed on SERPs. They must adapt their SEO strategies according to their target audience. This entire process can be termed as both random and scientifically-accurate. This is because the requirements of users are ever-changing, unpredictable, and varied. As a result, search engine robots depend on data-oriented presumptions.

For instance, a keyword that is picked by a search engine may manifest different intentions. To improve your online visibility, it is necessary for you to decode the intention of your keywords. It can assist you in outpacing your rivals in the market.

Example #1: Restaurants London

If a customer searches for the keyword mentioned above, it is not possible to guess the exact meaning of this phrase. It may indicate several intentions:

  • Geographic data of restaurants in London
  • Restaurants near London
  • Restaurant designs in London
  • List of restaurants in London

Example #2: Dine Restaurants London

In this instance, it is clear that the user is searching for information about dining in a restaurant that is located in London.

Example #3: London Restaurant Reviews

The user wants to dine at a restaurant in London. However, he/she is interested in reading reviews before visiting that place.

Shedding Light on Commercial Intent

All of these queries focus on the aspect of commercial intent. As a business owner, you must capitalise on keywords that shed light on your commercial intent. As opposed to picking up general keywords of your niche. If you type these keywords on Google Keyword Tool, it shows thousands of monthly queries for each of these keywords.

Singling out keywords that lead in terms of search volumes, but do not associate with significant commercial intent can massively raise your traffic. However, this approach cannot boost your revenues. A restaurant owner in London may be enticed to drive up their SEO with phrases like “Restaurants London”. After all, it does offer higher traffic. However, as its target audience did not express any explicit interest towards commercial intent, the restaurant owners may struggle to raise their revenues, even if their traffic climbs up.

Owners should pay attention to quality market research as the solution which can assist them in determining the buying psychology of their customers or the core of commercial intent. Owners must look at what factors encourage purchasing decisions.

If you manage a business and have repeatedly been failing with your keyword research, contact us. We will examine your entire strategy and target keywords that will not only improve your traffic but also boosts your conversion rate.