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Shifting Focus from Traffic to Conversions

a landing page that converts

How busy have you been in increasing the online traffic of your website?

Driving traffic to your online channels is a critical aspect of SEO, but it is only one part of the equation that focuses on “increasing sales”. The remaining element, which is equally crucial, is conversions .i.e. how to convert your traffic into sales. To boost sales, you have to leverage an offer for your leads, so as soon as they visit your website; they are tempted to perform a purchase or a desirable action.

Here, it is worthwhile to remember that huge traffic does not always lead to high conversions. If you don’t have a relevant and impactful offer at hand, you are only going to waste the time of your visitors.

What Is a Conversion Rate Exactly?

Conversion rate is represented with a percentage that is formed from a ratio. Simply put, all those visitors that come to your website and accept your offer are your conversions. A visitor can convert based on a brochure, webinar registrations, lead magnets, etc. Conversion rates of all these actions are trackable.

Marketers are interested in extracting information on how many of your leads can access your content, and how many of them purchase your product or engage in any other similar actions like signing up for your email list. Without tracking these conversion rates and making decisions over it, you can lose significant opportunities for driving revenues.

Without awareness about your conversion rate, you cannot identify which areas of your site or online channels need enhancements. Consequently, your conversions stay the same, and you can fail in benefitting from optimal profits. For instance, suppose your current conversion rate is 1%.  If you ignore how you came up with this rate and continue operating your business without any reflection, you cannot go over the 1% mark and may even go lower than it. On the other hand, if you can multiply this rate to 4%, the increased numbers of customers can bring in tempting profits.

How to Calculate Your Conversion Rate?

Consider that you have a landing page. On the page, you have placed an offer to tempt people in signing up your email list. You may get 5,000 people, among which 400 accept your offer and are converted into leads. The formula of conversion rate is: (conversions/website visitors) * 100.

Placing your traffic and conversions into the above formula, you can get a conversion rate of 8.

Referring domain is another method to determine the conversion rate. If you run FB Ads along with a proactive SEO campaign, compare the conversion rates against both sources of referrals to determine which offers better results.

If your conversion rate is low, you are failing to market your products and services properly. Contact us today, so we can analyse your business and boost your conversion rate.