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How to Get Your Restaurant on the Move

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Serving high-quality food, obtaining excellent customer feedback, and having a search engine optimised website are the three most important objectives for all restaurant businesses. The more your online visibility is, the more likely you are to receive orders. Thus, to improve the SEO of your restaurant, consider the following tips.

Delivery Areas and Keywords

It is not a good idea to randomly add a mix of SEO features on to your website. The first step is to formulate a strategy that should take your target audience’s preference, location, and other aspects into consideration. For instance, if you offer fast food in London, then your keywords can be something like “best burgers in London.” Moreover, you can add boroughs and neighbourhoods like “best sandwiches in Harrow” or “best fries in Brent.”

Local Search

Often, the location and other details of restaurants are not properly displayed across various websites. Fortunately, your business is not going to be dragged down by such irregularities. Make sure that your restaurant’s listings are optimised properly on social media platforms, directories of search engines, and industry-specific directory websites. Your target must be the popular directories like Trip Advisor, Yelp, Foursquare, and other similar websites.

As a rule of thumb, ensure that the name, contact, and address of your restaurant is correct and uniform across all the online channels. Moving forward, you can update your restaurant information like its offerings and description with a smart usage of keywords.

Schema Markup

Schema markup is a type of microdata. It is available at When this markup is placed on a web page, it generates a rich snippet of page which is visible to the search engines. Schema markup is used by modern search engine algorithms like RankBrain to assess a query’s context.

Sometimes, web pages which are not properly “understood” by search engines are provided a context, thereby making them reachable. To master schema markup for your restaurant, you can take advantage of the restaurants’ schema library.

Positive Reviews

When users search for restaurants, they are often greeted with several websites providing reviews and customer insights. Some people consider reviews as a social media marketing tactic, though it has its own importance for SEO as well. You can have your own ratings on SERPs by using a structured data mark-up, thereby becoming prominent among your target audience. In case you are struggling with your ratings, you can create a plan to generate multiple reviews at once. Positive reviews can be gained by the following tactics.

  • Assessing the common grievances of customers and addressing them.
  • Adding a new in-demand product or service.
  • Providing discounts and incentives to loyal customers.

Final Thoughts

The restaurant industry is a competitive one. If you want to improve the SEO of your restaurant, try utilising the aforementioned suggestions. For any confusion, feel at ease to contact us and clear your misconceptions.