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What Is White Hat SEO? Why You Need to Wear the White Hat?

Daily millions of users – students, office workers, homeowners open Google and enter queries to solve their respective conundrums. This query can be meant for anything, whether getting knowledge about a specific domain, searching for an item or getting some sort of services or consulting. Since the widespread adoption of internet in the early 1990s, several search engines emerged and gained recognition.

However, Google stuck out as the most popular search engine and still rules the digital world because users found it to be generating the most “relevant” results unlike other search engines where the queries did not generate the required results.

While analysing and processing the outcomes of a query in milliseconds, Google goes through a list of guidelines which can be considered as regulations or rules. This means that those who abide by them have a greater chance of success for their SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). On the other hand, those who ignore them can get a number of penalties and punishments which can severely hinder the success of their websites as they decrease the online ranking of the webpages of a business.

What Is White Hat SEO?

SEO entails a vast set of components. White hat SEO is one of those components which are used by organisations to power their online presence. In white hat SEO, digital marketers go by adhering to the industry standards (i.e. following Google’s guidelines to the tee). This approach does not involve shortcuts like the use of high payments (ads) to get on the top or trying to engage in trickery for getting a better rank.

Hence, due to the “pureness” of its techniques, white hat SEO is used to generate organic search results (relevant results). As sponsored links and paid advertisements occupy a certain portion of the online space, the competition for organic search is tough.

Chitko, an advertisement agency, claims that whenever a user types in a query, the first organic search result gets almost 35% of the visitors. Likewise, the traffic for the second position-holder plummets to 20% of visitors. As the users have to scroll down, traffic shrinks for each page.

The Importance of Wearing a White Hat

When users stray away from the use of white hat SEO, they risk the credibility of their website and the possibility of a ban is higher. An expulsion from Google means that the traffic your website receives is most probably going to get a huge decline. To get a view on Google’s guidelines, go through this link Webmaster Guidelines.

More importantly, the efforts for putting efforts into white hat SEO are overall highly fruitful for a business. While paid advertisements and shortcuts can be a good option for many, if the actual content of the website is not imbued with enough quality, then users would not engage in a positive reaction and the bounce rate may show negative numbers. White hat SEO ensures that the website remains authentic in the eyes of readers which may convert and foster meaningful relationships.