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The Wonderful World of SEO

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The growth of the internet means that the numbers of websites are increasing at a rapid pace. As a consequence, your brand can face some tough time in attracting target audience. The presence of high-quality content does not amount to much if it cannot reach your audience.


It is important to take the anchor text into account during internal linking of web pages in your website. Texts like “click on this link” or “click” are not much effective. Instead, you can place keywords in their place. When keywords are used in the anchor text, then spiders are able to identify them and assign a good ranking to your website.


For optimisation of SERPs (search engine results pages), one of the most effective, yet underutilised strategy is to misspell keywords in meta details. This is because it is not uncommon for users to type wrong spellings in search engines. Therefore, you can take advantage of these mistakes and improve the ranking of your website.

The Programming Aspect

The programming skill-set is highly beneficial in the SEO universe. For instance, if there is some coding issue in your JavaScript code, then the spiders would be unable to index it.

Go through the web pages of your competitors and assess their front-end coding. By analysing the code of your competitors, you can tap into their SEO reserves along with getting a perspective about their use of keywords. As a result, you can educate yourself with some useful tactics to improve the ranking of your website.

Domain Name

The selection of domain name for your website requires thorough thinking. Your potential client must be able to easily recall your domain name, and it must also reflect the services and products of your business. Such a strategy also helps your brand reach more people on platforms like YouTube as people can easily pronounce and remember your brand.


The usage of Flash is discouraged by many leading SEO analysts. This is because spiders are unable to work with Flash. Make sure that your content is easily crawl-able, so spiders from search engines do not have any difficulty in indexing it.

Time Spent At Your Website

It may be possible that your website gets a great deal of traffic. However, it is more important to identify if that traffic is actually spending considerable time on your website or else their presence does not hold much weight. Search engines are actively keeping a track of a customer’s activity on a website for ranking purposes. Make sure that your website is unique and original such that any incoming visitors do not instantly turn away from your brand.

In today’s age, you must embrace SEO and abide by it to improve the ranking of your website. If you have any about any aspect related to search engine optimisation, then you can contact us.