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SEO Strategies for Estate Agents

Contemporary estate agents engage in a specialised category of SEO: real estate SEO. It enables them to rank their properties on Google’s first page, where they can buy and sell residential and commercial properties. Since many agents don’t use SEO, you don’t have to fight a lot of competitors.

1.     Set Up Google My Business Listing

Local estate agencies must optimise their entries for GMB (Google My Business). For instance, if a customer searches an estate agent in Manchester, they can get GMB listings of the local estate agents in Manchester.

Since these listings contain map directions, timings, reviews, and other useful information, a significant chunk of users favours them over the standard SERPs.

You can visit this link to set up your own GMB and add all the relevant details. Pay special attention to the formatting of name, website, phone number, and address of your estate agency. Formatting is important because the proper placement of parenthesis and dashes allows one-click to the users in the results of Google maps.

Lastly, specify the schema mark-up so that Google can detect key details like the address and contact number and assess it against GMB data.

2.     Perform Keyword Research

When it comes to the estate industry, keyword research is mostly done incorrectly. Many estate agents focus more on their content marketing and social media marketing than getting their SEO right. As a result, they fail to pick out the right keywords.

Add estate terms in Google’s search bar so that the suggestions present long-tail keywords. Go to Google Ads and check the search functionality of your keyword. In this way, you can view user queries that trigger ad-related impressions.

Next, you can focus on long-tail keywords; they capture around 70% of Google searches. They represent a higher degree of intent from the searcher. For instance, “purchase a 2-bed home in London” can achieve greater success than “home in London”.

3.     Add Videos

Last year, video marketers experienced a 66% increase for qualified leads and registered a 54% rise in branding. Modern estate agents use videos to market their properties and agencies. Still, less than 10% of them use video marketing. Hence, you have an opportunity to penetrate the industry with high-quality videos.

4.     Optimise Images

Often, the lack of optimisation causes on-page issues in websites. You may think that adding stock or neighbourhood images is fairly simple, but it can’t generate the desired outcomes without optimisation. Whenever you create a new blog or web page and add your estate properties, you get fields like caption, title, description, and caption. Make sure that they get filled with clear content explaining the graphical information of these images. Similarly, don’t forget to add your target keywords.

If you belong to the estate market, send us a message. We will optimise your website according to the latest SEO standards and get you ranked above your competitors.