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How to Fix Your Bounce Rate

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So your bounce rate is very high? In that case, your website cannot make it to the top. It may not even rank at all.

You should fix your bounce rate to improve your SEO.

Here is how it can be done.

Improve User Experience

Good user experience is possible with crisp design, optimised images, relevant content, videos and other factors.

User experience is all about how the user feels when using your website.

So to fix your bounce rate, you should improve the user experience.

The website should look inviting and appealing. It should also be easy to navigate. The content should be useful and organised well so that it is easy to locate.

Call to Action

Place the call to action in the right place so that visitors can see it immediately. A prominent call to action helps users to decide if the website is relevant to them quickly.

Users make this decision rapidly in just a few seconds. So it is crucial to not only place the CTA prominently but also to wordsmith it so that it is easy to understand.

Always make your call to action honest and to the point. Misleading titles are one of the key reasons for high bounce rates.

Site Speed

You should design your website so that it loads quickly. If your pages take too long to load, users can hit the back button immediately. This will worsen your bounce rate.

So you should pay attention to quick page loading and responsiveness.

There are few things more annoying for visitors than gaping into a blank screen that takes ages to load pages.

Be very careful with the use of scripts, ads and frames since these can dramatically prolong loading time. Your web page will also become bloated and unresponsive. This won’t help your bounce rate at all.

Use Google Page Speed and Pingdom to optimise page loading metrics.


Videos are known to be more engaging than any other content medium. The overwhelming majority of internet traffic will be video.

According to Cisco, videos will constitute 82% of web traffic by 2022.

So you should cash in on the rising tide of videos. This is after all what visitors want to see.

You can induce your visitors to stay longer on your site by engaging them positively with fabulous videos.


There is nothing more dreary and dismal than a website full of black and white text. It is hard to imagine anyone who would like to stay for long at a side devoid of images.

So you should put captivating images to captivate your audience. They will feel compelled to prolong their stay on your website.

Images are so effective at reducing bounce rate that many websites have the entire background of their web pages covered with high-resolution images.

Even Google, which is well known for its minimalistic approach and bare-bones web pages, is putting beautiful and intriguing images to entice visitors to stay longer.

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