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How Do Retargeting Ad Campaigns Work?

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Do you know 96% of your website visitors are not ready to purchase? However, there is a marketing strategy that can help you change their minds.

Retargeting or ad targeting is a marketing strategy that is used to develop ads for users who visited your social media page or website in the past but did not perform any transaction.

For example, a user searches for “best graphics cards” on Google and clicks on your website from the SERPs. Afterwards, they visit multiple pages, but neither do they purchase any product nor do they fill out the contact form. Retargeting campaigns help in extracting value from these lost leads.

As you don’t get the personal information from the user, retargeting relies on cookies and pixels. As soon as a user comes to your site and leaves the session, they can receive marketing offers via a remarketing ad campaign.

This approach does not let you spend your complete budget on attracting new leads. Instead, you can target those users who know your brand information and use customised ads to win them.

How Does Retargeting Work?

When a user visits your site, a pixel or cookie obtains their data. In this way, you can earmark and pursue these leads with personalised campaigns when they come online. The entire process can be simplified with the following steps.

  1. The advertiser and website integrate a tag component to a site, which assesses the behaviour of visitors.
  2. When a website visits your site, pixels or cookies are tagged to track them. However, the privacy regulations from GDPR mean that you must get the permission of users for collecting their data from pixels.
  3. Subsequently, tailored campaigns target those users and present relevant information that can attract them.

There is no doubt that retargeting ad campaigns have been a stellar success in the digital marketing scene. According to a study, retargeting campaigns:

  • Increase the number of visitors by around 700%.
  • Boost brand-related search queries by 500%.
  • Shoot up the average conversion rate by 147%.
  • Raise the possibility of website conversion by 70%.

How Are Retargeting Ads Different Than Normal Ads?

Retargeting ads provide an edge over normal ads in various ways. For instance, in a normal campaign, your ad is displayed and clicked by several non-interested users. With retargeting ads, you only display your ads to those people who have already expressed interest in your products and services. As a result, you can experience a dramatic increase in your sales.

If you are struggling to get conversions, now is a good time to contact us. We can incorporate retargeting ad campaigns on your site so that you can get a much-needed boost in your online marketing campaigns.