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3 Tips About Twitter SEO for Small Businesses

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Social media is an incredible channel to establish and grow your business’s online presence. Twitter is one social media platform that has a massive reach. It has over 330 million active monthly users, thus indicating how you are seriously missing out by not boosting your brand on Twitter.

However, there’s more to marketing on Twitter than reaching large, diverse audiences present on the platform. It can boost your business’s search ranking on Google and other search engines.

The engagements your posts receives in the form of likes, comments, and retweets send social signals to search engines, which then rank your website accordingly. Here are some tips about Twitter SEO for small businesses:

Optimise Your Twitter Profile

Just like you optimise your website with keywords you want to rank for, optimise your Twitter profile. Use the same keywords that you use on your website for your Twitter bio. Moreover, your business name, brand colours, logo, contact information, and even your bio should be consistent with what you have on your business website.

This way, Google will not only associate your profile with the right keywords but will also see you as a credible business. Remember, authenticity is a crucial factor for Google when it comes to ranking.

When you post content on the platform, don’t forget to add those keywords in the caption. Any Twitter user searching for those terms should then be able to find your tweets as well as your profile.

If you have a well-managed profile, chances are they’ll follow you. As they engage with your tweets, search engines will use those social signals to rank your website.

Post Image and Video Content

Insivia reveals that 82% of Twitter users watch videos, while WordStream states that image tweets get 18% more clicks than tweets without them. The more people view your content, the more they will engage with it, thus boosting SEO.

However, with 500 million tweets shared every day, not all images and videos will work. To foster engagements, you will need to post only relevant and engaging high-quality images and videos.

Leverage the Power of links

Google is quick to identify links, which is why you must include website URLs in your Twitter bio and tweets to boost your search engine rankings.

The links you add will drive quality traffic to your website, which should impress Google. As you’re more likely to drive high-quality traffic, you should record lower bounce rates and higher CTAs, which, again, will boost your SEO performance even further.

If your website has a blog section, tweeting URLs of blog posts should tremendously improve your website’s SEO performance. If there’s no blog section on your website, add links to your product pages or other content as much as you can.

When adding URLs, consider using a URL shortener, such as Bitly, because, on Twitter, you have limited character space available.

Final Word

While there are many ways to improve Twitter SEO for small businesses, the three tips explained above are enough to improve your search engine rankings if you do things right.