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Strategic SEO Decisions to Make Before Web Design

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Taking strategic SEO decisions involves increasing your online visibility by considering a wide variety of aspects, such as your web design and quality of content. Before investing in professional web designing, consider the following aspects of web development.

The HTTPS Factor

A few years back, Google announced that it would begin ranking HTTPS websites higher than the HTTP ones. The “S” in HTTPS refers to security, an extremely important feature for websites. Therefore, it is important to purchase an SSL certificate. Most importantly, if your website processes sensitive information such as credit card details, then you must embrace HTTPS for your own sake.

Speed of Your Website

The web development staff members are often provided with unrealistic deadlines to produce and deploy the codes. This strategy usually backfires, especially if the task at hand has a high priority like the development of your website.

When developers are forced to code quicker, then they are more focused to write a “workable” code rather than aiming for quality and perfection. Therefore, take your development team into confidence and give them sufficient time for designing your website. However, you must remember that the user experience of your website is a highly necessary requirement. Convey them to apply optimisation such that your target audience does not get annoyed by the loading speed of your website.

The Geographical and Linguistic Aspect

Do you plan to create a website which would serve users from multiple countries? If you do, then you must think about whether it is going to be multiregional or multilingual. Your keyword research must be “localised.”

If you intend to appeal to all the countries and language with a single website, then you can make use of the subfolders strategy, i.e. for France your website could be while for Australia your website could be Such a strategy may not generate the best SEO result, but it is usually cheaper.

It is difficult to target all of your countries at once. To get a bigger advantage, you should attempt to get the domains of each of your countries so you can construct a SEO strategy for each of them according to their locations and languages. This strategy is more rewarding for SEO, though; such a strategy requires considerable resources to work.

Addressing the Crawler Issue

Nowadays, the front-end of websites are developed through several technologies. Historically, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript were enough to design websites. However, today websites are more visually pleasing and have become more powerful thanks to newer technologies such as the gazillion amount of JS frameworks.

Sometimes, crawlers find it tough to go through such technologies. While your use of modern web frameworks is not wrong, however, you must keep in mind that these technologies may affect your SEO. Therefore, become more aware of your front-end tools and use structured data to mark up your pages.

If you have any plans to create a website in near future then by just taking these strategic SEO decisions can make a huge difference to your online visibility. For more details, you can always contact us.