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Gaining the Edge – What You Need to Do to Keep Ahead

  • Have you ever noticed ads while playing mobile games?
  • Did you ever see ads during online purchases?

The above-mentioned advertisements can be classified under digital marketing. Observe how you interact with various ads while using digital media channels.

Consumer Mindset

A few decades back, consumers did not wield such power. Advertisements were placed on radio and TV. At that time, a consumer could not turn their attention from ads because there were no alternatives. Thus, businesses had the control in their hands to market themselves. With the increase of channels on TV and radio, competition increased.

However, the real game changed with the advancement of technology. Computers became a common household appliance and internet came into existence. Likewise, mobile phones transformed into smartphones and other smart devices followed. Today, we see an IoT (Internet of Things) future, where the computing of the world is expected to be powered by a wider range of devices. From a single TV screen, we have limitless screens at our disposal.

Nowadays everyone is glued to the internet. Whether someone is using social media while commuting or a user is browsing the internet on their job, the dependence of human civilisation has been of hypnotic nature for the internet. The digital realm has truly captivated modern minds. As a result, businesses began identifying the digital space as a lucrative medium for reaching to potential clients from all around the world. This marketing is called digital marketing.

How Did Dominos Utilise Digital Marketing?

Take the example of Dominos’ Pizza. Dominos boasted a reputation where it existed as one of the leading pizzerias around the world. However, the leadership at Dominos realised that brands that fail to update with time are always suspected to collapse, irrespective of their previous success. When social media platforms gained traction, many businesses dismissed it as merely a communication medium.

At that decisive time, Dominos realised the power of digital marketing and began assisting its customers through social media channels. User complaints were taken and resolved via queries on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Subsequently, users shared their positive experiences and Dominos increased its sale with an exemplary word of mouth reception.

In 2011, Dominos planned to double its sales by 2016. For this purpose, it devised a digital marketing campaign called “AnyWare Campaign”. The campaign promoted the ordering of pizzas via smart devices. Therefore, users began ordering pizzas through smartphones, tablets, smart watches, etc. On Twitter, the brand advised users to order by using the pizza emoji with a hashtag of #EasyOrder. Therefore, the company did not only succeed to add another channel for its sales but also took advantage of its customers to market itself. The introduction of these digital marketing agencies led Dominos to receive 2,000,000,000 media impressions and a boost of 50% in its online sales.

In this age, a digital marketing strategy is a necessary part of the marketing plan of any business. Therefore, ensure that your company has a digital marketing strategy that can increase your sales.