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Best Social Media Marketing Tools

social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook

Social media has reinvented branding; businesses are redefining themselves with a series of effective social media strategies. The social media marketers from these organisations leverage various tools to manage their social media pages. Here are some of those social media marketing tools which they have used to good effect.


It is hard to distinguish yourself in social media. If you assess the recent trends, then you can see how popular social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram are mainly reliant on visual media like photos and images. This should give you an idea about what your target audience likes. Video has also been considered an excellent source to grab the audience’s attention, and thus Animoto has been designed to help for such helping you with managing this visual content. It offers a large variety of eye-catching themes and templates for videos. Additionally, it also allows integrating stock music to improve the video.

Recently, Facebook added a feature through which sounds can be auto-played whenever videos begin; however, it is still not supported by many platforms. Therefore, another of Animoto’s advantage is that it allows the addition of text overlays in the video.


Buffer is distinctive because of its easy-to-use interface. It comes with a number of analytics features and is one of the best scheduling tools for social media use. A central dashboard allows sharing content across different networks and accounts.

By integrating a Chrome extension, you can achieve greater productivity and manage Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and other platforms at the same time. If you are a beginner, then you can check Buffer’s introduction guide consisting of excellent material for beginners.


Are you trying to come up with a new idea for your social media marketing? Well, Feedly can be perhaps a remarkable ally. In order to configure it, you have to pick your favourite writers and blogs and add their RSS feeds. In response, a daily magazine is created by Feedly which organises content with different categories.

Feedly assists social media marketers to get a glimpse of what trends are being followed by the niche influencers and a real-time analysis about their performance. As a result, social media marketers can use latest trends and improve their content strategy.

Social Clout

At first, it is perfectly understandable to create content, share it, and receive likes – often a habit-forming activity. However, it is important to recognise those posts which are ‘engaged’ the most; you have to disregard vanity metrics and instead try to assess those metrics which actually carry an important role in the long run.

This is why Social Clout can be the tool which you were looking for! It is a social media tool which is primarily used for analytics and monitors metrics like engagement of users. It determines the ROI in social media. It can help you see the demographics in terms of engagement while it can also identify platforms for conversion rates according to different timings.