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A Brief Guide to CPC with Facebook – Part 2

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In the last post, we discussed tips and strategies that could help with CPC advertising on Facebook. Here are a few more ideas you need to consider.

Consider the EAR (Estimated Action Rate)

Before investing in Facebook advertising, you must pick a specific target. For instance, it can be conversions or clicks. When you decide the campaign goal, the platform will automatically display ads to those people who are expected to take the desired action.

After you have placed a bid, the most critical factor to consider is the EAR (estimated action rate) of your ad. It assesses the CPC expenses on Facebook.

EAR determines the likelihood that an individual would perform the action that the ad creator wants them to. This action includes clicking on the subscription button or making a purchase.

However, there is some mischief on Facebook’s part; it does not tell advertisers about what impacts this cost.

Keep in mind that it is the high-quality ads that are known to score victories at auctions with lower rates. This is because engaging and compelling ads elicit a positive responsive from the users. More importantly, they don’t generate the same negative feedback that is synonymous with weaker ads.

Study the Relevance Score

Facebook shows a reading known as Relevance Score – it provides an understanding of how relevant your ads are to your target audience.

If the score is on the higher side, your ads would be displayed to a far greater number of people than those with a lower score. What’s more, is that you can reach your target audience at a reduced cost.

You can boost the Relevance Score by adhering to the following tips.

  • Use extremely specific content to target your audience. Narrow down your content as much as you can do.
  • Analyse how the visual and messages of your ad are aligning to address the concerns of your viewers.
  • Regularly test your ads. Create multiple, distinct apps for the same audience and evaluate their responses.
  • Ensure that there is no misleading or offensive content in the ad.
  • Refresh your ads regularly.

Keep in mind that new campaigns or ads with an extremely high budget take considerable time before the relevance score is generated correctly.

Assess the CTR (Click-Through Rate)

There is a strong relationship between your CPC and CTR (click-through rate). Hence, if you can increase your CTR, it can bring down your CPC costs to a considerable extent. CTR also enhances the Relevance Score as Facebook incentivise users when the audience responds well to their ads. You can improve your CTR via the following tips.

  • The text is the first thing that is being displayed to your users. Therefore, pick a headline that can grab their attention instantly.
  • Add direct and minimalistic CTA (call to action) buttons that suit the interests of your target audience. It has been observed that the use of CTA buttons in Facebook drastically increases CTR.