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4 Rookie Mistakes That Content Marketers Make

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Freshly-hired content marketers often indulge in some bad practices while honing their craft. Consequently, they fail to make a good impression on their first jobs and become demoralised. To improvise, go through the following rookie mistakes that content marketers make.

1.     Propagate Online Content

A few years back, companies made themselves accessible to their customers with ad placements in magazines, newspapers and went as far as using a direct mail provider. The modern digital era requires a similar commitment, albeit with new mediums. The online marketing trinity is composed of the following.

  • Search engines
  • Social media networks (Linkedin, Facebook)
  • Email list

Target all these three mediums to distribute your online content.

2.     Experiment More

When the global behemoth – Coca Cola – decided to restructure its marketing campaigns, the primary focus was on content marketing. They formulated a ratio that echoed the positive impact that the on-going experimentation could bring to the table.

Their ratio borrows inspiration from the 70/20/10 investment principle that is used to produce “Liquid Content”:

  • 70% of the content must be low risk.
  • 20% of the content must compose of innovations.
  • 10% of the content must entail ideas that are classified as high risk and can help when the above-mentioned 90% content seems to fail.

Thus, you should not only create whitepapers but also focus on content creation that is engaging, bold and comprises of more visuals in an online world that offers great rewards for interactive content.

3.     Focus on a Specific Audience

Perhaps, the most obvious mistake in content marketing is neglecting a specific audience for your content. At first, the practice to produce content for a single group of people may seem pointless.

You may engage in heavy research and create a well-planned post that can beat the best in the business,  but as long as your actual target audience does not find it interesting, your efforts are wasted.

Experienced professionals create marketing personas to solve this puzzle and tailor the language and content of their web copies according to the relevant audience.

4.     Find the Balance for Promotion

If you are writing guides, infographics, articles, and blogs, they must not appear as glorified sales pitches. These mediums are key avenues for writing engaging and informative content that can make a good impression on your target audience. However, beginner content marketers are slow to get their head around this aspect.

On the other hand, some marketers do entirely the opposite, i.e. they avoid promotion and advertising. If you are managing a relatively new website, you have to promote your content, so more and more traffic is generated.

To sum up, you have to find the right balance to promote your content pieces.

Which of the rookie content marketing mistakes mentioned above hit home? Call us today to enhance the quality of your content marketing efforts.