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social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook

Online advertising on any social media platform is called social media advertising. What makes social media advertising stand out amongst other forms of paid, display advertising is that social media platforms guarantee traffic and visibility. Social media websites offer a wealth of demographic and psychographic information that allows advertisers to target specific segments of the market with their ads. It uses various targeting methods such as behavioural targeting, geo-targeting, and socio-psychographic targeting through which advertisers can reach those who are most likely to convert.

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Social Media Advertising

Increase Your Visibility

Promoting specific posts on popular social media networks like Facebook is a great way of enhancing visibility. When you promote a post on Facebook, it appears on the top of the News Feeds of more people. Not only is it a great way of increasing visibility but it also helps build an online presence and increase brand awareness; it’s a perfect way to gain “likes” when you first create a Facebook page for your business.

Enjoy Greater Flexibility

Social media websites like Facebook and others have a longer character limit for ad descriptions compared to Google AdWords. Advertisers can use images and texts to grab users-attention and start and stop their campaigns as they please.

Test Promotions

There is some level of trial-and-error involved when running any kind of online ad campaigns. The beauty of online advertising is that advertisers can make changes to the campaign while it’s running without losing much (if any) money. When advertising on social media sites, you will only have to pay when a user clicks on the ad. It’s also cheap to carry our tests and see which ads are most profitable and remove those that aren’t performing. Advertisers can experiment with strategies all they want before deciding which one works best.

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