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Local SEO is recommended for companies that have a physical presence and are looking to increase foot traffic by appealing to people in the vicinity. These strategies are essential for neighbourhood stores, restaurants, offices, etc. Local SEO services target a specific geographical area. All the “near me” searches you enter, generate results by looking at local SEO strategies. Our local SEO strategies include onsite optimisation, content creation, keyword targeting and optimising Google My Business.

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Local SEO

Local Basic/Local Silver

Our Local Basic consists of 5 targeted keywords and 2 added citations per month. If you’re selling a limited number of services/products then this is the package for you. The Local Silver involves targeting 10 keywords and 5 added citations per month.

Local Gold

If your business is in its early stages and you need to bring in more clients, then the Local Gold package is for you. It targets 20 keywords and creates 10 added citations every month.

Local Platinum

Competing with other local businesses nearby? Go for our Local Platinum package. If you want to compete with the big guys you have to get our Local Platinum package. We target 30 keywords and 15 added citations per month in this package so you can maximise foot traffic and grow your clientele.

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