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Why You Really Need to Republish Blog Posts?

Preparing for a blog post

Are you having trouble with coming up for new blog post ideas?

Creating new content takes a significant amount of time. It is a common practice to spend hours writing a well-researched post, only for it to go unnoticed. Blogging is no different. You need to put in a great deal of effort, and in many cases, it fails to generate enough traffic from Google.

Apply 80/20 rule to blogging, i.e. 20% of your blog posts will generate 80% of your total traffic. The most important thing here is identifying the best performing content. 

Why Republish Blog Posts?

You can extract more mileage from old pieces with minimal effort. Republish blog posts to communicate good information that’s relevant and valid. It’s less time consuming than researching and writing a new article from scratch. As a result, you spent fewer resources and provided valuable content to your audience.

If you have been publishing posts since the 2000s, you can run analytics and identify posts that still receive numerous visitors. It’s reasonable to update these posts so they can add more value and reach to a greater audience. Republishing posts can also enable you to refresh outdated content and make it available for your new readers who never got to read it in the first place.

Content strategists find it hard to manage the editorial calendar in the busiest times of the year. As your work responsibilities increase, you can maintain the same publishing frequency by republishing various successful posts.

Which Posts to Republish?

Are you confused about which post to republish?

Pick a post that drives a higher number of conversations to your email lists. Analyse social-share performance and traffic from at least one year ago. Going ahead with a content audit can be hugely beneficial in identifying the best republishing candidates.

After you have decided to republish a post, make sure you get the author’s permission for republishing the post. Create notes to plan the changes for the republished post.

Also, it’s fairly common to ask: should you republish blog posts without any update? Yes, it’s possible, but the advice or information written in that post has to be relevant and accurate. Check and modify titles, hyperlinks, and other key metrics to make sure that the republished piece is accurate. Add an editor’s note that the top of the page to mark the post as a republished post.

Next, how to figure out when to redirect? Redirect the original URL to the new one if the original one has low traffic or if the information is no longer accurate or relevant.

On the contrary, if the old post continues to receive a substantial amount of traffic, keep up the original URL and create an updated post having a new URL.