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What is Machine Learning Going to do – Artificial Intelligence is Here in Digital Marketing!

The development and enhancement of the current technological landscape has given rise to digital marketing being utilised as the ‘go-to’ for devising and executing marketing strategies. Within the digital marketing industry, a major innovation which has come forth in the recent times is the introduction of AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools, to further streamline operations and digital marketing activities.

However, prior to delving into the applications of machine learning for digital marketing, we first need to understand the concept of machine learning and its relation with AI. Machine learning is known to be an application of AI which provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed; machine learning utilises data to teach itself how to complete a particular process with the aid of AI.

Now, you may be wondering, how are machine learning tools being utilised when it comes to digital marketing? In simplest terms, machine learning tools can be utilised by digital marketers to analyse large sets of data which can be of aid for tasks including but not limited to customer segmentation, extracting and classifying relevant content, customer communication and such. Effectively, machine learning tools can be utilised to enhance your digital marketing strategy with AI at the helm of it all.

When it comes to utilising AI and machine learning tools for one of the major players in a digital marketing strategy i.e. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), the insights obtained via searchable content is likely to become more relevant as compared to specific keywords – making it one of the key places to utilise the said tools. However, to further ensure the high placement of your content on search platforms, rather than solely focusing on the keywords, be sure to maintain if not enhance the quality of your content.

Consequently, the rise of content marketing has seen businesses striving towards creating content which is proven to be engaging for their target audience; from informative blog posts and on to customer testimonial videos, engaging content is one of the major tools being utilised to engage consumers. Machine learning tools enable you to track consumer trends and produce actionable insights thereby allowing you to create content which is specifically targeted towards generating leads.

The focus upon the generation of leads has also lead to the rise of machine learning chatbots whereby these virtual robots can aid you to engage with the target audience on a personal level, via holding a conversation with the consumer remotely (due to the natural language processing ability of a chatbot, a ‘human’ conversation can be held). Hence, allowing for this machine learning tool to acquire data upon product preferences, geographical placement of customer and such.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are here to stay in the field of digital marketing. In order to streamline processes and enhance overall productivity, it is a vital need for digital marketers to utilise machine learning and AI tools to automate a particular process along with effective utilisation of key data.