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SEO Tutorial for Beginners

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Do you want to learn SEO?

SEO is a set of techniques which is used to rank a website on search engines like Google. To learn SEO, you have to grasp the following concepts.

White Hat and Black Hat

There are two major types of SEO: white hat and black hat. In white hat SEO, marketers use only those SEO tactics which have been defined and announced by search engines. Search engines like Google have published numerous factors which they use to generate page results like the use of HTTPS websites.

On the other hand, black hat SEO is one which does not adhere to the guidelines of search engines. This tactic is focused on finding loopholes of search engines to gain a better ranking.

Research and Analysis

Research and analysis is composed of several factors. One of them is keyword research where tools are used to identify and accumulate keywords. These keywords are associated with the type and nature of the business. For instance, for a coffee shop, a keyword would be “best coffee flavours. The correct placement of the appropriate keywords on the website greatly maximises its ranking.

Another component of research and analysis includes competitor analysis. In this strategy, the website of a competitor is analysed deeply to see how they are ranking better. Their keywords and other SEO strategies are studied in order to learn from their strengths.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO is a technique in which efforts are done on the contents and resources of a website for enhancing the online presence of websites. This content includes factors like optimising HTML code which includes meta titles, descriptions, headings, tags, canonical tags, and several other factors.

One of the components of on-page SEO is optimizing images. Sometimes, websites are unable to display images. In such cases, the end user is unable to decipher the content of images. To facilitate them, the “alt-text” property in HTML’s source code is modified. For instance,




<img src=”rain.png” alt=”rain on a crowded street”/>



Another important strategy of on-page SEO is internal link building. In this technique, the web pages of a website are hyperlinked in such a way that they point to each other.

Off-Page SEO

As the name suggests, in this SEO technique, efforts are made outside of the website to boost its ranking on SERPs. Mainly, this strategy focuses on the acquisition of backlinks from various sources. Backlinks are incoming links of a webpage. When a credible website, social media channel, or an established authority website in an industry quotes the backlink of a brand, then it not only increases the image of that brand but also improves the ranking of their website.

To learn SEO, it is necessary to go through all of the above-mentioned topics in detail and practice these strategies. If you need any guidance, then contact us.