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SEO Tactics for the 404 Error Page

404 error page customised with search bar

Previously, we discussed what a 404 error page is. Now, we will reflect on how to make good use of them.

Utilising 404 Pages

While initially, you may have wanted the error 404 to stop damaging your SEO; but what if you can use it to your advantage? To do this, you need to create a high-quality design and incorporate many internal links to your web page – they can extend anywhere between 20 to 50 links.

This means that rather than opting to leave your website quickly; visitors may think about having a look at your content and study it. However, for this purpose, it is highly crucial that your links offer eye-catching and engaging content. As a result, a significant portion of your 404 page visitors can interact with you and move on to the next stages of the sales funnel.

For SEO, you can use this strategy to decrease pogo sticking. Instead, your SEO results are enhanced. Therefore, from a death flag, the 404 pages can rapidly turn into an effective SEO tool. Other advantages include.

  • Your visitors are not annoyed.
  • You can enhance your brand equity.
  • Bounce rate can be decreased.
  • The average amount a visitor spends on your website noticeably increases.
  • Visitors get to view more of your content.
  • Overall, your sales and conversion get a boost.

Select the Right Pages

As we have ensured that the addition of internal links is the SEO tactic which can help you, let’s talk more about it. For instance, you can do this by going around your SEO tools and picking up the most popular web pages and posts. Check shares, clicks, comments, and other metrics for selecting a page and then place them on your web page of your 404 error page. With this, your web pages get an instant SEO boost with additional indexing. According to an SEO expert, they were able to improve their SEO traffic by 15% for 2 months via this technique,

Search Bar

Search bars are quite easy to add in web pages. However, when used correctly, they can have a great effect on your SEO. Research indicates that search bars on web pages increase the likelihood of the customer to purchase. For instance, consider a visitor lands on your website to get the detail about a specific product or topic. However, instead of going to the desired page, they visit the 404 page.

Instead of becoming irritated, these users can use the search bar to get back the result page of their preferences.

Add Product Links

If your website sells products, then it is a good idea to add the link of your most successful products. This can ensure a consistent and quality user shopping experience for your visitors.