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Common Web Design Mistakes That Can Land Your Website in Trouble

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Well-designed websites are not only about style. An ideal website is one that can attract heavy traffic towards its pages. Inefficient web design techniques can prevent people from visiting your site. Therefore, you must learn what the common web design mistakes are.

1.     Pop-Ups

Google has cautioned websites against using intrusive pop-ups. Google places a high priority on the user experience, particularly on mobile phones. Whenever pop-ups come and interrupt your visitors from reading the primary content, it can affect both your SEO and UX.

2.     Infinite Scroll

Infinite scrolling is considered a cool web design add-on. When misused, it can weaken the SEO of your website. Infinite scrolling means that your site displays more content when a lead goes to the bottom of a web page. Sometimes, pagination is configured incorrectly, which prevents search engines from indexing and crawling your site.

Let’s assume you integrate infinite scrolling on your site, containing 50 pages. When you present the 10 recently-added blogs, search engines will only consider them. As these programs use links for crawling, they are unable to identify that there is other content on the website, apart from the one in those 10 pages.

This does not mean that you have to eliminate infinite scrolling completely from your site. All you need is to ensure that its implementation aligns with your SEO.  

3.     Complex Forms

The use of complicated forms is fairly common. This occurs when a user enters a lot of irrelevant details on “Contact Us,” “Register Now,” and other similar forms. As a result, they avoid filling it out.

If you want to boost the number of conversions from your site forms, simplifying them can make a great deal of difference. According to a survey, when companies cut down the fields on their forms from 11 to 4, they experienced a 120% boost in their conversion rates!

4.     Orphan Pages

When you get too busy in other aspects of your website, you may miss out on orphan pages. An orphan page is one that is not interlinked with others. As a result, many users become dissatisfied and leave the site. 

Modern website tools like WordPress have decreased the likelihood of orphan pages, but the issue persists. You can also end on Google’s bad books if their crawlers face difficulties during navigation.

5.     Search Box

If your website has less than 10 pages, you don’t need much functionality. Otherwise, it is recommended to add a search box in your site. Websites that sell products should particularly use search boxes, enabling anyone to find their desired items.

Whether you’ve made a mistake when designing your website or you don’t know where to begin, contact us. We can incorporate the latest web design features in your site. With our help, you can have a highly responsive website for your business that will boost your conversion rates for sure!