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5 Game Changers for Content Marketing in 2020

Content marketing is rapidly changing in 2020

In 2020 content marketing is going through a lot of changes. New avenues and opportunities are opening up with regards to how people access content or engage with it.

Hence, the way that people approach content marketing has to be diversified. So here are 5 ideas that will change the game in content marketing for 2020 and beyond.

1.    Data-Driven Marketing

Companies now have the ability to collect much more data from their customers. This includes how they engage with their content and when they do so. Hence, what customers respond to most often and what they engage with will be essential knowledge for content marketing.

2.    Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing will be a key part of content marketing in 2020 because of voice search. Voice search is increasing rapidly and becoming a bigger part of search in general. Hence, queries will tend to be much more conversational and longer. So, content marketing will have to be focused on more conversational dialogue with the customer. This will specifically serve the smart speaker and the smartphone market.

3.    Personalised Content Marketing

Through Big data and data analytics, several companies now have the luxury of knowing what their customers want. Hence, they can personalise their marketing tactics and their ads to suit particular segments. They can personalise emails, ad copy, and even product or service recommendations. What’s more, they can mould their services and products to suit their audiences if need be. This will become more common in 2020 and beyond and will become a content marketing game changer.

4.    Omni Channel Marketing

Using multiple channels to market your content is now essential. Using just one social media network or just one type of ad copy is moot. You have to use all the tools at your disposal like affiliate marketing through video, social networks, and especially, influencers.

Not only will this allow you to tap into a customer pool that has specific tastes, but also specific access. Through influencer marketing, you can reach people that wouldn’t otherwise even search for your product. Via different social networks, you can find out where your main audience lies and focus resources there. Through affiliate marketing and video ads, you can capitalise on a market that is engaging with content only through video.

5.    Increasing Collaborations and Partnerships

Partnerships and collaborations are increasing throughout the digital space. They take place in the form of guest posts, or through affiliate marketing, or video sponsorships, etc. It is most visible on YouTube, where creators collaborate with each other. Creators also take on sponsorships and promote digital services and products to fund their videos.

This gives online businesses and services a lot of room to promote their content. These influencers and YouTubers and bloggers have audiences in the millions. They also trust those creators to promote reliable things. Hence, you can tap into millions of people without spending as much on ads with a higher ROI. These trends will all change the way that content marketing is done in 2020 and beyond.