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4 Tips for Keyword Research

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Keyword research is the focal point of digital marketing campaigns. If you are able to succeed in capturing the most valuable keywords, then you can improve your online presence which in turn can boost your conversion rates. Consider the following tips for keyword research.

1.     Use Long-Tail Keywords

How many long-tail keywords have you targeted? Long-tail keywords are phrases which consist of at least three keywords. Nowadays businesses are targeting long-tail keywords because they are relevant to customers’ search queries. For example, suppose you run a plumbing business. Now, if you target a one-word keyword like “plumber”, then you have to try extremely hard to rank high for this keyword because plumbing services around the world have targeted this keyword. Instead, you can target a keyword like “best plumbers for kitchen”.  By using this keyword, you can not only limit your competition but also tap into the minds of your target audience.

2.     Experiment with Variations

You can use tools for keyword research to ease up your search for the most effective keywords. While there are several free tools which can provide you with valuable keywords, you should also make use of your creative skills. Try to experiment with keyword phrases and keep rearranging the order of words. For example, if your keyword is “employee cybersecurity training”, then you can also target keywords like “train employees for cybersecurity.”

3.     Target Multiple Keywords for the Same Message

While creating keywords for your topics, you should rely on multiple phrases which may be different in spelling, but they have the same meaning. For instance, if you have a business which offers window solutions, then you can target a keyword phrase like, “What is the price of blackout shades?”

Now, there may be several people who search this question exactly like this, there may also be those who can search like “How much does the blackout shades cost?” For humans there is no difference between both of these questions, however, search engines do not think like this and consider both of these questions having separate meanings. Therefore, you should target different keyword variations for your topics. In this way, you can make yourself reachable to a sizeable portion of your demographics.

4.     Take an Aim at Localised Keywords

For smaller businesses, it is quite hard to compete with the big shots, large businesses which have invested a great sum of money for both organic and paid online marketing. These small businesses can gain an edge by focusing on phrases and keywords which are related to their geographical locations.

In this way, you can instantly build a connection with prospective customers who search about products and services in your city. For example, suppose you have a business which is located in York and sells office supplies. To ensure that the local search can find you on Google’s first page, you can use keywords like “best office chairs in York.”

Note down all the cities where your companies provide products or services. Use your keywords with all of these products and services.