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3 Strategies That Can Help You with Lowering Your CPC in Google Ads

Google Search Engine

Google Ads is one of the most powerful tools for digital marketers. As a result, there is a fierce competition between businesses in this domain. If you want to outpace your competitors, you should actively pursue techniques that can decrease your cost per click (CPC) for all those keywords that are added in your campaign. To do this, consider the following tips.

1.    Decrease Bids

The most obvious way to lower your CPC costs for Google Ads is to decrease your bids. This ensures that Google can charge you with a reduced max CPC for all the clicks on your campaigns.

If your campaign lies on an average position, and you are constrained by budget, then you have the option to decrease your bids. A Lower bid indicates a lower average CPC. While implementing this tactic, you may lose your position slightly, but now you have the flexibility to afford a greater number of clicks in the same budget, and you can also display your ads for extended periods. Subsequently, it will enhance your lead generation and Google exposure.

2.    Boost Your Quality Score

Quality Score and the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns go hand by hand. If you can optimise these scores, it can have an enormous impact on the performance of your campaign and decrease CPC costs at the same time. A high QC score indicates that Google believes that your ads and keywords add value to the customers, and thus offers you incentives with cheaper CPC costs. To work on your QS, follow on the following.

Relevant Ads

Google places a significant emphasis on the relevance of your ads. To check your ad’s relevance, go to the keywords section, and look into your keyword’s speech bubbles.

One solution to enhance the relevancy of ads is to take keywords that belong to all the ad groups. You can then add them to the description and headline of your ads. This can make sure that your keywords have the highest relevancy to your landing pages.

Landing Pages

After creating relevant and quality ads, and receiving an “above average” rating by Google, you can focus on your landing pages. Google assesses the relevancy of landing pages while processing the Quality Score.

You can review multiple different landing pages and evaluate if they are connected to your ads and keywords. Find a page that ticks the following two boxes:

  • Contains prominent features of the ad.
  • Contains keywords that belong to your ad group.

3.    Improve Keyword Strategy

Let’s consider that you are running a campaign for a restaurant, but the competition is tough. If you have a tight budget, you can focus on keyword research and look for new keyword variations. Use Keyword Planner and look for fresh ideas, especially those keywords that have low competition. Such a strategy cannot only strengthen your campaign but also bring down the average CPC of your ads.